Course schedule

The first two lessons of each course are free trial lessons! This way you can try out the course before you have to sign up. Most of the time there will be a board member present, there you can ask for a registration form.

Starting dates:

  • Most courses will start in week 38 (16-20 September).
  • Advanced 2 starts a week earlier (13 September).
  • When 2 courses are mentioned, the course with a star(*) behind it is the one that starts the second semester (February).


All salsa groups are semester courses (not year courses). Salsa is divided into 4 groups, and thus 4 levels.

  • Salsa 1 is the beginners course and Salsa 2 the follow-up course.
  • Salsa 3 is the advanced course and Salsa 4 the follow-up course.

A and B refer to the day of the week the course is given. Salsa dancers who danced the sprint course last year, can continue to Salsa 2.


Time Course Location
20:30-21:45 Ballroom Beginners A WAS (Zernike)
21:45-23:00 ACLO-course / Beginners sprint* WAS (Zernike)


Time Course Location
20:30-21:45 Ballroom Advanced 3 WAS (Zernike)
21:45-23:00 Ballroom Far Advanced WAS (Zernike)


Time Course Location
19:30-20:30 Free dancing WAS (Zernike)
20:30-22:00 Technique lesson WAS (Zernike)
22:00-23:00 Demoteam training WAS (Zernike)


Time Course Location
18:30-19:45 Ballroom Advanced 1 WAS (Zernike)
19:45-21:00 Ballroom Beginners B WAS (Zernike)
21:00-22:00 Salsa 2 A / Salsa 3 A* WAS (Zernike)
22:00-23:00 Salsa free dancing / Salsa 1 A* WAS (Zernike)


Time Course Location
18:00-19:00 Free dancing WAS (Zernike)
19:00-20:15 Ballroom Advanced 2 WAS (Zernike)
20:15-23:00 Free dancing WAS (Zernike)
Time Course Location
19:00-20:00 Salsa 1 B / Salsa 2 B* ACLO zaal 4
20:00-21:00 Salsa 3 B / Salsa 4 B* ACLO zaal 4
21:00-22:00 ACLO-course salsa ACLO zaal 4